Proposed Hip-Hop Museum in the Kingsbridge Armory

Universal Hiphpop Museum.JPG

On the day when Bronxites and Hip-Hop legends were being honored by the City Council, an announcement was made about bringing a Hip-Hop museum to the Bronx.  The proposed museum- Universal Hip Hop Museum, would be housed in the Kingsbridge Armory.  The City Council’s approved redevelopment of the Armory,   soon to called the Kingsbridge National Ice Center, will allow for 52,00 square feet of space to be used by the community.  Proposals for the use of the community space need to be approved by an advisory board which has yet to be appointed.

The Universal Hip-Hop Museum has the backing the Hip-Hop legends, and Afrika Bambaataa is set to assume the role of museum chairman.   The Godfather of Hip-Hop said:

Many people have a misconception of what hip-hop is… When they say hip-hop, they only say it’s the rapper, and there’s a whole culture and movement behind it.”

We agree with Afrika Bambaataa, there are several elements of Hip-Hop and rapping is just one of them. Hip-Hop has become so popular and universal, that many do not know its origins and what it encompasses.  Having a Hip-Hop museum in the Bronx makes so much sense, it’s almost baffling that there isn’t one now.

We wholeheartedly support the idea, and cannot think of a more ideal location.  Hopefully the advisory board feels the same.