Notable Bronxite- Adam Levine-Peres

Adam Levine-Peres

Adam Levine-Peres

Project Bronx Logo

Project Bronx Logo

Heard of Project Bronx or recognize  this image? 

Well, the man behind it all is Bronx native - Adam Levine-Peres.  He is our featured Notable Bronxite of the Month! 

We love what Adam is doing for the borough and in the borough. Adam, is tackling issues that affect all Bronxities via his YouTube Channel- Project Bronx. The channel also promotes the beauty in the Bronx, something we  totally agree with! 

 Check out our interview below.  

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: My name is Adam Levine-Peres. I am a native Bronxite, born and raised
in the South Bronx for about 13 years; then my family moved from place
to place within the borough finally landing in Shore Haven which is in the south-east section adjacent to Harding Park and Classon Point. I am a proud teacher here in our beautiful borough and focus themajority of my time and energy on educating my students and preparing them for the real world.

Q: How has living in the Bronx impacted or affected your life?

A: It has influenced almost every part of my life, I grew up observing my
community- the good, the bad and the ugly. I saw how beautiful it can be when people work together and connect with one another. I also saw
how disenfranchised some communities are and how that can impact everything from education, health care to quality of life. I made it my civic responsibly to never forget where I came from and help fight the stigma attached with the Bronx as well as help mold the young minds of our future leaders in our communities.

I first came across your site when I was having a discussion  with my Brooklyn coworkers about the Bronx.  I
realized that many New Yorkers, and the media, have already made up
their mind about the Bronx- it's dangerous, it's far, and it's not as
cool as Brooklyn.  So, I googled- "Bronx vs Brooklyn" and came across your YouTube Channel.

Q: What made you create this channel?

A: Project Bronx is YouTube channel that actively engages with many of the Bronx's different communities and asks important questions in an effort to spark a dialogue in our neighborhoods. When I turn on the TV, go online, or read the newspapers, I almost never see the Bronx and it's residents being represented with dignity and fairness. I also rarely see the Bronx and its people highlighted for anything other reason than crime, poverty, or quality of life issues. I wanted to showcase the vast diversity of proud Bronx residents and have us discuss the issues that affect us.

Q: Living and working in the borough, I know you see different facets of
it.  What's the biggest challenge you think we face in the Bronx?


A: In my opinion, the biggest challenge we face in the Bronx in general is apathy- the lack of enthusiasm, concern, and interest in civic issues. I'm speaking primarily about our voter power versus our voter turnout for elections. The Bronx has the lowest voter turnout for all
5 of the boroughs; this reflects highly on what our priorities are and as a result we have in the past been left out of the political
conversation because we don't let our voices and our votes speak up. Also, activism is something that we must always continue to support
and participate in; both politicians and businesses require us, the consumer, to either buy their product or elect them into office. If we
want change, we must first organize, create coalitions and use our man/woman power to evoke change.

Q: What's the biggest opportunity in the borough?

A: So MANY! The Bronx is a cultural oasis with a plethora of sounds,
tastes, and visuals that can foster massive creativity. I would say our
biggest opportunity in the Bronx is to be CREATIVE, using whatever
media/art form you choose. We are the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the
cradle of Salsa music, fashion forward, and incredibly innovative.

Q: What do you think of Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s "New Bronx" theme?

A: When Mr. Diaz Jr. first coined the phrase "New Bronx" I was very pleased with it, because we are not your grandparents' Bronx anymore! We are no longer the image of urban American decay, we are now a model of urban renewal, however, we remain sensitive with the issues concerningaffordable housing.

I have a ProjectBronx Instagram picture using the Borough President's phrase.

Q: Can you tell us about your favorite spots in the Bronx?

A: The Bronx Beer Hall located on Arthur Ave is my favorite bar when I'm in the area! Great staff, good beer, and wonderful local Bronx owners. G-Bar located on Concourse Village. 

Q: Any hidden gems you're willing to share?

A: Castle Hill Ave has it's own restaurant row that many people do not know even exists. I would recommend many of the small mom & pop restaurants in that area.

Q: You recently posted a teaser to season 2 of Project Bronx.  How soon can we expect new content?

A:  We will be releasing a Promo on Tuesday March 11, and will premiere our 1st episode of season 2 the following Tuesday, March 18. 


Q: We love your typography Bronx Map.  Are you planning on selling those or maybe making t-shirts?

A: At first, we created it as a logo for Project Bronx and as a source of pride. However, so many people have shown interest via Instagam,twitter and Facebook, I would be a fool not to make make t-shirts with the BX map.

Q: Anything else you want share or add?

A: We are 1st, a  YouTube channel, so support us there: Watch us, like the video, and share our

Join us and support the movement, let us be in control of our image
and media representation.

Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @ProjectBronx

We are very proud of what Adam is doing for the Bronx, and we thank him for his time. Remember, season 2 of Project Bronx premieres on Tuesday March 18th!