Night Lights | Wave Hill

On Sunday May 24th, Wave Hill hosted its last evening of 'Night Lights' The Lightening: a Project for Wave Hill’s Aquatic Garden, an art installation by Chris Doyle. The day could not have been more perfect and the scenery more complimentary. 

The installation is part of Wave Hill's 50th anniversary, and it could not have been more well timed because 2015 also marks the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. 

Inspired by the Aquatic Garden’s water lilies and reflective surfaces, The Lightening provides an electrifying experience during daylight and at night. Three faceted structures hover over the water, their mirrored surfaces reflecting the garden and pool in daylight. As evening approaches, they glow with light and animation inspired by life above the water, the reflective surface and the life below. A soundscape created by innovative composer Jeremy Turner, performed by members of the renowned Brooklyn Youth Chorus, emanates from each structure, amplifying the immersive effect of the installation.
— Martha Gellens | Wave Hill

Enjoy the pics and video below! 

If you have not had the chance to visit Wave Hill, take advantage of the Target Free days!