Boogie Down Booth

Native New Yorkers as well as tourist that ride the subway are very familiar with the provided entertainment in the subway cars. From break dancers, to acapella singers and drummers, our daily commutes can be quite entertaining. As of yesterday, this will change.   No longer will we be solely entertained in the subway, there is now a bus stop option right here in the Bronx! 

The ‘Boogie Down Booth’ as it’s being called,serves multiple purposes.  One, it provides seating for those waiting for the bus, and two it will play music. The music by Bronx artists will not only entertain, but it will also mask the sound of the barreling trains.  The booth is also green, it features solar-powered LED lights that will brighten up the area. 

The installation is temporary, so make your way to the Freeman St station to check it out before its too late! 

Quick shout out to Patty Dukes and Reph Star of Circa '95 for making it on to the Wall Street Journal!!  Check out their awesome music here